The digital age changed the retail world entirely, impacting how people shop and communicate with brands. In the old days, communication between consumers and retail stores used to be mostly a one-way street. Nowadays, is a two-way communication system where consumers expect the highest level of customer service at the fastest pace. These are some of the things that retailers must keep in mind if they want to survive in the digital age. Today we are going to share 4 practices that retailers can do to keep up with the digital age and its high customer service standards.

Online Shopping Is The New Norm

Before the digital age took over, shopping at retail stores was a common therapy. It was a social activity that brought a lot of foot traffic to stores, creating retail empires. Nowadays this has shifted to the online world, transforming physical store traffic into online website traffic. That's why it is so important for businesses to have a strong online presence through websites that are captivating and social media strategies that generate engagement.

Moving From Traditional Advertising To Digital

Back in the day advertising in newspapers and magazines was the norm. It was the best way of reaching high numbers of people, but it was pretty challenging to know how those ads impacted sales overall. Retailers used to create benchmarks to evaluate the growth of sales before and after advertising efforts. But, even though traditional advertising efforts can still work today it is vital to invest in digital advertising platforms to succeed. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google offer advertising services that generate high returns on investment, offering tools and insights that will help you understand the performance of each of your campaigns. Besides providing you with powerful insights, these platforms have the capacity of reaching millions of people worldwide, identifying your ideal customer persona.

Customer Service Is Key

In today's society, opinions carry more weight than ever. With platforms like Yelp, Instagram, and G+ people are able to share reviews not just with their group of friends, but millions of other people. That's why it is essential for businesses to have a good customer service team that is constantly monitoring all accounts, responding to all reviews, even if they're positive or negative. Many businesses tend to hide or delete negative comments instead of responding kindly and trying to find a solution for unsatisfied customers. This is a huge mistake that could affect your business entirely. Not only will this affect your business score online, but it will create bad customer service that could turn into a decline in sales.

Websites and Social Media Are The New Storefronts

Back in the day, people used to visit department stores just to admire the beauty of retail displays. This was a vital marketing tool for businesses to get foot traffic into their stores, as they were decorated with products highlighting new collections. Today, retail display decorations are still very important, but it has evolved to something more. Now, websites and social media channels are the new storefronts, enabling people to visit their favorite store directly from their bed. That's why it is important to have a good online presence, with creatives that are visually appealing and all the technology necessary to close sales online. This includes creating an e-commerce structure where people can shop directly on a store's website and have their items delivered in a timely manner.

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