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Speaking of brand and branding is not the same in the marketing field. When we mention the brand, it is the synonym of perception, while branding is the communicational action. The meaning of the two words is a fundamental understanding of a core marketing tool.

By knowing the distinction, your business can be different…


What is a Brand?

Your brand is how people identify and remember you. It is the result of the branding effort. A brand describes who you are and what you do conceptually and visually with a sum of actions. It is how others perceive your business, your reputation, or your connectivity with the audience.

Brands build customer loyalty and relationships. The brand creates a differentiator to the rest of the market share.

Stop for a minute and think of the brands that you genuinely love. Why and what keeps you coming back. These brands developed more than a communication strategy; they built a connection.

What is Branding?

When we mention branding, it is a set of actions that take to build a brand. Branding is the process of influencing the audience on how to perceive your brand. It is the noise among the competitors to stand out. Branding is the action that will take your business to the next level. It is a must for every brand to be communicational cohesive, and succeed. You have branding when you have a brand message, visual identity, values, brand personality, etc.

“Brand is the total sum of how someone perceives a particular organization. Branding is about shaping that perception.” - Ashley Friedlein.

Branding is the skeleton of every brand. It is the actions that will create a memorable impression on the consumers while it allows your customers to build trust. It will take you to the next level to distinguish you from the competitors. Do you need to convey the perfect communication to convince the consumer of what makes you the better choice?

Trendy Experience invites you to be part of House of brand and live the real Experience to elevate your brand to the next level. Find your purpose and storytelling!

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