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The Muztik is a swimwear brand that was born to empower women and make them feel comfortable in their skin as they gain confidence in themselves. The brand first came to Trendy Experience as Juls Collection, and we came across the challenge of portraying the femininity and boldness of her founder Julianna into a whole new concept that would be oriented to the target audience she wanted to reach.

Juliana believes that every woman should always feel like the queen they are, so we developed an "empire" for women to feel confident and demonstrate the inner queen they all have.

From innovative colors and prints to add-ons and little details, the exclusive pieces break the lines of the ordinary and transform them into remarkable collections; Trendy was involved in the creative process of the swimsuit designs to make them unique and versatile, we knew we needed to convey the right message for people to recognize the brand as it is: swimwear apparel that transforms classic styles into innovative ideas that are not only avant-garde but also comfortable. That's when we created a new identity under the concept of The Mustique island, inspired by the beach and the feelings that it evokes, together to create a kingdom of resilient women that have control over their lives as they stand out with their beauty.

This had to come with a new visual concept, brand personality, and brand awareness campaigns to buzz The Muztik to prospective clients. Since the previous visual branding did not represent the personality we looked for, we developed a strong image, website, and social media presence to create recognition, keeping in mind that brands with explicit stories are valued higher by their customers.

Branding is the main structure of a powerful and unbreakable brand, as it establishes a good relationship surrounding the customer's expectations. So far with The Muztik, all our efforts have reflected the right message, resulting in a solid online presence that constantly gets more engagement and orders continually increasing.

You can check more about our work by checking The Muztik's website or following them on IG @themuztik



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