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Maestrik - Making an Impact in the Educational Industry

Maestrik is an online personalized learning platform originated in Colombia, determined to find certified teachers for classes, extracurricular topics, courses, and workshops. As an online platform, Maestrik can be used from anywhere around the globe. However, the company wanted to start a positioning strategy in the United States.

The online educational field's credibility is hard to convey due to other educational platforms' significant existence. Because of the importance of creating an impact on today's digital world, and taking into consideration that the main target for this brand was Millennials, we decided to create an influencer marketing campaign to achieve the brand's objectives; credibility, positioning, and sales.

Working with influencers allows the brand to reach thousands, even millions of consumers and new prospective clients. Regardless of the platform, influencers can help any business to add new potential customers to their pipeline as customers (especially Millennials) today consider influencers as people they can trust.

With our client Maestrik, Trendy worked on brand positioning and credibility based on a micro and macro influencer strategy. We contacted influencers that are aligned with the Hispanic Market in the United States and speak to the ideal audience of the brand. Some of the influencers that were part of the campaign included @jessivaleri, @itsmemariasee, @tiffannyazmouz, @mvtrends, and @sincerelymvu. This campaign allowed us to spread the word of Maestrik's opportunities and advantages as an educational digital platform.

In a three-month period, the goal was achieved, the influencer strategy positioned Maestrik in the USA with more than twenty thousand followers (20,000) in ninety days, having also a significant positive impact on their sales and growth.

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