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SOKAI-Hospitality Industry

Sokai Sushi Bar is a casual fine dining restaurant. Located in the heart of Miami, it offers eclectic Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, and warm hospitality to its customers. With a contemporary sense and an extensive fusion menu, Sokai has always been updated with the best marketing strategies to fit its needs and adapt to new tendencies. However sometimes it is necessary to put more effort, and here at Trendy, our resourcefulness is endless, so we decided to get together with public relations experts, and Zamora Group was the perfect match to help us bring our clients the best Trendy experience.

The duty of the digital marketing experts is to use the internet and different digital resources to promote the brand and create connections with potential customers, while the PR specialists are in charge of distributing the information by using large media resources to create awareness about the brand.

With the difference between these two resources in mind, it is time to explain the strategy that we used with Sokai. While Trendy oversaw the generation of social media content that increased the reach and credibility of the restaurant and attract potential customers, Zamora group was looking for potential opportunities that help our favorite sushi bar get recognition from different well-known personalities.

From interviews conducted at Telemundo Studios, a recognized Spanish language television network, to being showcase in important magazines such as People and Hola!, Sokai has been in the eye of the media. Though the PR campaign goes beyond only being future at common media artifacts, it also accomplished to get special guests at Sokai that called the attention of many fans. Carmen Villalobos, Manuel Turizo, Myke Towers, Aylin Mujica, Zion & Lenox, Chikybombom, Guayna, Lenny Tavares, and Mariangel Villasmil (Miss Venezuela 2020), are some of the celebrities that have been immersed in this culinary adventure.

The strategy accomplished what was expected, Sokai gained recognition not only on social media but also attracted many customers to their facilities. People were curious to see if the beautiful rolls from television were real, as well as why so many public figures were visiting this place. With our strategies combine in less than six months Sokai gain 20k followers on Instagram, had an increase of over 5000+ new leads for its database, and had an increment of 60% over its gross sales from dining in and delivery. We live in a world where everyone wants to be updated with trends and that is why PR campaigns play such an important role in making people believe that they need to try a specific product because is becoming popular in the media.


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