The last quarter of the year has arrived, and it is important that you understand how this quarter works and how to use it in a wise manner to develop a marketing plan. Today I am going to tell you everything that you have to know about Q4, so grab your Pumpkin Spice Latte and get ready to boost your social media accounts.

You must be wondering what a quarter is, well a quarter is a three-month period that companies employ to organize their finances, but it plays a significant role in marketing as well. This fragmentation of the calendar helps to organize the strategy for the upcoming period, along with being an opportunity to create content for the relevant dates that occurred within these months. Remember, marketing dates are crucial to creating quality content and enhanced engagement.

October, November, and December are the three months that the fourth quarter englobes. When thinking about those months what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Correct! Holidays, joy, and a lot of fun. The reason why this is the perfect time to create quality content for customers and followers is practically self-explanatory, but to help you plan a good strategy for your social media here are some hints.

This part of the year is full of key dates that you can take advantage of. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, Hannukah, and New Year’s Day, are some of the holidays that give you time to create content and engage with customers. There are a lot more events going on within these months, but it is important that you research which days are more convenient for your branding. For example, Breast Cancer Awareness Day is a key date that we use for our health-related clients, while Chocolate Day is a perfect occasion for our food businesses to create some eye-catching content.

Now it is crucial that you do not only use this time of the year to advertise your business, also consider taking the time to create special promotions that either reward frequent clients or attract new customers to try your products. Take advantage of the joy that is on the air to show people how grateful you are for having them as part of your business while inviting newies to join the family. Remember, sometimes you will be celebrating, but sometimes your goal will be to create awareness around a specific topic, so be wise and utilize those strategies in a way that your brand connects with customers and creates empathy.

As you saw quarter four is crucial if you want to create a marketing strategy full of quality content that will draw everyone’s attention to your brand. A season full of holidays is the perfect time of the year to be productive and settled the goals of the year while making sure that the upcoming one will be full of opportunities. Just plan your marketing strategy and be ready for a successful period!

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