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KABALANCE - Hospitality Industry

Kabalance is a company that produces, sells, and distributes healthy desserts such as marquesas, wafers, and spreads that are low in calories, carbs and have no added sugar. It started as a hobby by its founder, Katheryne Cachutt, who studied nutrition and dietetics. Katheryne mixed her professional knowledge with her love for sweets.

Her initial and signature sweet, Marquesas, were a total success when she started selling them "As a hobby". Since then, Ka's brand started to grow in sales, production, and recognition. However, her enthusiasm for healthy desserts was evolving into a profitable idea - that's when the Trendy team got involved in the project.

During Kabalance's growth, the main challenge was to shift customer's perceptions from a personal brand to a business-oriented one. Ka already had a community of followers on social media, who were accustomed to one-to-one brand conception with unique content. However, Katheryne wanted to be independent of her business.

Kabalance needed to create a merge between personal and business content in order to support those loyal clients and gain new customers.

Trendy's action plan was to create a separate account, make it a business, develop a unique and independent branding and utilize a commercial strategy focus on the content in order to upscale the brand - the images, videos, graphics, and overall look and feel was taken to a professional level. Meanwhile, the brand's humanization strategy and communication method stayed aligned to the founder's style to remain the storytelling perspective that customers were already expecting.

For us, the existing customers' connection with the brand and the founder was vital to hook the current loyal clients, but the actual main focus was on getting to spread the voice, mission, and vision of this brand while creating a huge buzz and brand awareness.

The new Kabalance -as an actual business - gained ten thousand followers in a month. The reach of the business grew with four new points of sales and nowadays, Kabalance's customers can recognize the difference between Ka and Kabalance.

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