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Blind Tiger is an Omakase Restaurant inspired by the speakeasy concept. It is a secret and exclusive place, created to bring customers a sophisticated Japanese cuisine experience, with a curated menu that will activate your senses.

The main focus is on the food; Blind Tiger is the reimagination of traditional sushi to more adventurous combinations that you will only find in a secret room that will be revealed to you once you receive your booking confirmation.

With the birth of a new culinary concept, an innovative communication strategy must also be implemented. We came across the challenge of revealing the necessary amount of information to potential customers to awaken their curiosity while maintaining the surprise factor.

Blind Tiger came to Trendy with the conglomerate of brands that merged into the hospitality group 11kitchen. We knew that what we needed to do with this particular client was to increase sales and raise awareness at a time when the market did not seem to be in favor, so we combined a successful communication strategy with paid ads to achieve it. In only three weeks, we managed to do it successfully.

How did we do it? The generation of the social media content we put together increased the reach and credibility of the experience. After careful segmentation based on market research, the right communication, and visual strategy, the paid ads allowed us to reach over 100,000 possible consumers per month, gaining over 3,500 clicks to the website and overbooking the restaurant for four weeks in a row.

We are experiencing profound changes in consumer behavior, and basing our decisions on data is the best path to achieving sustainable results. In Trendy Experience, we focus on planning, executing, measuring, and optimizing campaigns that focus 100% on the business's short-term and long-term objectives.


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