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Instagram Reels: How to approach Instagram as a video sharing app

Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app” According to the head of Instagram Adam Mosseri, the app has been reinventing themselves to compete against companies such as TikTok and YouTube, “The number one reason that people say they use Instagram, in research, is to be entertained.

The whole idea is to reinvent, and get away from the “Square-photo sharing app” format. To be able to access reels is as easy as taking a look into your home screen. The main idea Mosseri provided through his instagram is that this feature will help creators reach more people through a new algorithm, where their videos will be shown to those who are interested in such content. This feature also comes with a new window called discover where what is shown is content from creators who you might not be following yet, but can be a good fit to your likings.

Many brands have already benefited from this new tool, reaching interactions as big as hitting 5 million views like Louis Vuitton, where presenting new collections can be accesible to anyone around the world.

Even though many creators and accounts have benefited and manifested their fondness for this new feature, there are still those who can not wrap around the idea of these new short videos. Socia media expert A. Green shared via twitter his dislike for the new feature stating that “You're all so busy racing to the next 'change' you forget the reason so many of us visit your app. To use it for the core functions”. Many have stated that this feature is pushing creators to translate their visions into videos, where many older creators might find a struggle to do based on knowledge or lack of equipment.

The difference between the newest addition to instagram and previous updates such as stories and IGTV’s is not a lot, those who have included these tools to their brand have realized that even though these might need a little more preparation, these content posts are as factible to produce as any other.

Being able to record a Story, an IGTV or even a Reel can be very easy as we mentioned it before. Always remember that you phone is the easiest way to create content. Here at Trendy Experience we can always help you find the next tools to edit your videos. Apps like Tezza, Canva, and Studio are great ways to edit your Stories, create graphics for your IGTV’s and even create cover pages for your Reels.

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