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Rosa Clará - Fashion Industry

Crisis Strategy “Online Bridal Dress Consultation”

Rosa Clara is one of the highest quality fabrics and production techniques in the bridal industry. It is one of the world leaders for wedding dresses with upwards of 4,000 points of sale in over 80 countries. However, we are going to focus on the franchise we work with; Rosa Clara Miami.

The sales and marketing strategy for this brand has always been successful and despite the pandemic, we were able to maintain the store operating by shifting the strategy to digital platforms.

The strategy was created by designing a landing page with the available styles and a digital campaign to offer online consultations.

Rosa Clara's Fashion Consultants contacted the brides through zoom or other methods of video calls to advise them on the different options that match their wedding style, body type, decorations, and preferences. Moreover, during the call, the consultants dressed up mannequins based on the bride's choice.

Finally, brides were able to choose three dresses and by making a deposit, they could reserve these three dresses to try out after quarantine was over, guaranteeing a 10% discount towards her final decision.

This online consultancy strategy was a total success because the store created an online experience that helped Rosa Clara Miami connect with prospective new clients and assure sales.

Rosa Clara Miami was the store with the most sales during the pandemic in America. Also, it is currently the international franchise that is selling the most.

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