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The Balloon Studio is a wholesale and retail store of balloons and all related party supplies located in Miami, FL. They specialize in creating the most amazing arrangements and decorations for all special occasions; birthday parties, gender reveals, baby showers, bridal showers, and decorations for every holiday celebration. With The Balloon Studio, the possibilities are endless thanks to their amazing creativity, passion, and dedicated work.

This business not only offers arrangements, bouquets, and party decoration services, but its main focus is wholesale selling. You can find anything you need to decorate your party or to distribute at your own business. The best brands, the best materials, and the best service characterize this growing business.

Now the question was... How can we boost their followers and therefore, their sales? Organic Content was our answer!

Our challenge was to create fun and stylish content showing their wide amount of products without being a catalog. They wanted to show the bouquets and arrangements and the products themselves for wholesale. Also, this type of business depends a lot upon seasons and holidays, therefore, the merchandise is constantly changing and evolving according to the needs of the moment.

For the past years, the pressure of having “professional” or paid content in social media has increased, however, it is important to understand that organic content is also needed to have a truly successful social media strategy; in other words, organic content has become more than a trend, it is a necessity.

Organic content brings multiple benefits to your business. It provides authenticity because brands can show and validate who they are, making it easier to build a relationship and engage with the audience.

Through reels and TikTok, we can complement advertising strategies - It is important to make sure we are making a positive impression and connecting emotionally with our customers on our social media content and profile; nowadays this is our letter of presentation.

Organic social media content is a fantastic way to explore the creative side and voice of our clients, and with The Balloon Studio, we had the best time playing around with latex and foil balloons.

The work between Trendy Experience and The Balloon Studio started in 2021 when they first entered as a client looking to boost their Social Media strategies, and without a doubt, organic content creation has been a great tool on this path of success we have walked together.

We are always jumping into trends and working alongside them to create videos with purpose; showing their amazing creative skills and style. The limitless possibilities and versatility of The Ballon Studio and the endless amount of products are always shown as part of the Visual Strategy, generating not only great engagement on their social media but also connecting with current and new clients, and making sales.

In addition to this, we generated an influencer marketing campaign strategy to spread the word and elevate the brand within the online community only with organic content. As a result, the business increased 30% their sales on Q4 of 2021 and 40% on Q1 of 2022.

Give your business the boost it needs and start creating and engaging with the community to improve sales! Organic content is the most cost-effective and long-lasting solution because even though it is time-consuming, it is the most efficient way to promote your strategies.

The power of content creation is key, but the importance of organic content is definitely the right answer for 2022. Moreover, with this strategy, we have managed to increase over 25K followers during a period of 8 months.


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