There's no better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than through creative branding. It's an excellent opportunity for companies to stand out and be in the mind of consumers when they want to share some love with their loved ones. We created a list of our favorite 2021 V-Day campaigns, and how these brands nailed Valentine's Day.

Dunkin' Drive-thru Weddings For Valentine's Day

In a clever effort to celebrate love, Dunkin' decided to create an experience that would let a few lucky lovers marry or renew their vows at their favorite bakery shop drive-thru lane. Can you think anything more romantic? Dunkin's "Marriage is on the Menu," campaign truly celebrates love, and creates a one-in-a-lifetime experience.

Capital Region couple gets married at Dunkin'


Absolut Vodka "What Does It Mean To Love Responsibly?" Campaign

Absolut Vodka #LoveResponsibly campaign celebrates love in the COVID-19 era. This campaign invites people to share their thoughts on what loving responsibly looks like in an era where emotional connections are being challenged by social distancing. This campaign gets people in the spirit of love by inspiring them to spread love safely .


DoorDash and Shake Shack Join Forces To Present "Love Delivered."

This campaign will deliver love to your door and elevate your at-home Valentine's Day celebration with some old-school romance. Doordashers will be able to order from a list of limited-edition items, and then light some candles to enjoy an intimate performance from Boys II Men. The performance will take place at the comfort on your home on Feb. 14 at 8PM EST on Facebook, Instagram and Twitch.

Love Delivered


Justin Bieber's First-Ever Tik-Tok Concert

Justin Bieber is celebrating Valentine's Day with his fans, performing the first-ever full-length concert in TikTok's history. In the #JournalsLive concert, Justin will perform songs from his 2013 album "Journals," and fans will be able to stream it directly from his TikTok account (@justinbieber), at 9PM ET on Feb 14. The show will be re-aired Feb. 15 at the same time.

Spend your Valentine's Day with Justin Bieber as he performs #JournalsLive for the first time ever


Ferrero Limited-Edition Valentine's Day Treats

Ferrero Rocher got creative this Valentine's season, by adding some love to the packaging of the brand's favorite products. The limited-edition Valentine's line includes the classic Ferrero Rocher®, Golden Gallery®, Butterfinger®, Crunch®, Tic Tac® and Kinder Joy®. Candy lovers can visit Ferrero's Pinterest page to get some creative inspiration and purchase their favorite candy online or at any local store.


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