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Reunion Ktchen Bar is a globalized culinary experience with regional specialties and high-quality ingredients with bold flavors that you can share "Tapas Style''. Located in Aventura, it combines an eclectic menu from all around the world with crafted cocktails, live music, and happy hour to complete an upscale experience.

Reunion Ktchen Bar was a spot created to make memories with friends and family gathered around a table while enjoying exquisite dishes, cocktails, and desserts. We know that sharing a meal is a particular bonding time, so after careful market research, we created a strategy using this narrative to connect in depth with the clients through different social media channels.

Social networking is one of the most essential strategies to successfully grow a business. Especially in restaurants. In the last couple of years, we have seen an increase in the need to manage an online identity to connect with new potential clients. That’s why in Trendy we developed a campaign along with tactics and strategy to introduce the concept of #ReunionExperience to create a loyal customer base.

Today, not only is their following on social media networks constantly increasing, but in June, Reunion had over 870 new clients from social media visiting for lunch and dinner.

What did we do? We created an influential brand incorporating a paid ads strategy with 2 main objectives, reach and taps on the website. This allowed us to reach over 57,000 potential new customers in one month. The ads strategy was accompanied by a content strategy for each social media channel, posting 7 days a week at key hours. The cherry on top was the creation of relevant and trendy content that resonated with our audience.

Attracting new people to your profile is not enough if you don’t interact with them; knowing and satisfying their needs is key to acquiring more customers and urges them to refer your business to more people. That is why a big part of the strategy on Reunion’s social media includes community management; daily interactions with them on social media and keeping in touch through email marketing enables visitors to return for deals, special occasions, promotions, and more.

To conclude, platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the perfect place to involve clients in daily interaction. Adopting different strategies on social media according to each need can help you succeed in your respective goals and get you closer to your clients. In return, it will benefit you in engaging with more customers.


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