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The old way of selling is to push a message or product. The new way of selling is to pull people in with a compelling story―one that is magnetic to clients.

Storytelling can help any brand to hit sales quotas faster. It works because people engage with stories that arise emotions. Storytelling has existed long before recorded history. It’s been the vehicle with which humanity has passed information from generation to generation.

In the smaller picture, we connect with people in terms of the stories we tell them, the information we share with them. But these stories are much more effective when they are not only dry pieces of facts but actually along with a narrative.

With our client Kabalance, we developed a storytelling campaign for the launching of their newest product; Healthy Ice Cream. This campaign was divided into three videos and a "Lifestyle photoshoot" in which we created real scenarios that showed how the representation of our ideal customer was enjoying summer while having Kabalance's ice cream. We wanted to awake a sense of "FOMO" of good moments, refreshing summer times, and a life of balance.

For this storytelling campaign, we also used the strategy of the main character with Ka and Sam (the founders) as the protagonist of the narrative. The main character gives the story focus and personality. The goal of defining them as protagonists was to create a compelling hero for the story.

Based on experience, in order to have people buy into a narrative, Kabalance's prospective customers need to be able to see elements of themselves in the main character of the story, this was successfully accomplished in the videos.

With this campaign, Kabalance not only launched the Ice Cream strongly but also were sold out in three weeks! Selling more than 500 units of each flavor in the United States in 21 days.

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