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Beat Training is a cycling studio located in Orlando; they specialize in helping people achieve their health goals every step of the way. Including cycling, full bodybuilding, and a boot camp training. Their proposal includes convenient schedules, certified coaches, and classes that inspire you to achieve your healthiest version.

When Beat Training first came to Trendy Experience, It was a completely new brand; it didn’t have any social media presence, nor posts or followers. However, they did have a strong community of people offline who had followed their path in the previous cycling studios the owners worked at.

The Orlando studio opened because of that community, they helped build and position Beat Training in the city, so our main challenge was not only to attract this offline community to the social media channels but to bring a new target audience to the studio, now located in Orlando.

Every successful business has a unique feature to offer, so the key to creating a thriving online community from scratch is to figure out how you can attract people with something that nobody else offers. You'll need to bring people together who truly believe in your business and what it stands for.

From 0 followers, we managed to exceed 3,000 followers organically in 4 months, with an engagement growth of +647% and +6598 account reach.

Not only did the offline community join their social media networks but also the target audience we were expecting. In addition, with the development of a new digital strategy specifically designed to generate brand awareness, including both professional and organic content, they have also had classes that have been completely booked.

Putting in the hard work to build strong relationships offline with your community and bringing them online can make them advocates of your brand, get your name out there, and increase engagement.


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