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ConSentido is a Mediterranean and Asian Mediterranean Fusion concept, a unique casual fine dining restaurant and lounge right in the waterfront part of the vibrant Brickell Financial District in Miami. It is known for various healthy, fresh, high-quality ingredients, cooked innovatively and served in a warm and exclusive atmosphere. The main goal of the restaurant is to make their “consentidos” feel good through our food for lunch, dinner, or brunch and enjoy a variety of signature and classic craft cocktails from the full bar along with an exceptional assortment of domestic and imported wines to experience ConSentido as a place full of joy and positive vibes.

During July of 2022, ConSentido prepared for its new dinner menu launch, a completely new experience to awaken diners' senses in a unique culinary encounter now available from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

We decided to create a 3-day Friends & Family activation, where personalities, influencers, and friends of the house were special guests to live the ConSentido experience through an exclusive invitation.

More than 150 people attended this event in total, of which there were 55 influencers, including a celebrity chef and well-known media from the city, who spent a night tasting the different dishes that make up the after-sunset proposal.

The guest list included personalities like Laura Biondo (245k), Two Outsiders (174k), Donis Coronel (33k), Lucia Ugarte (101k), Fabian Di Paolo (60k), SincerelyMVU (673k), Jessica Rodriguez (115k), Chicas Guapas Tv (521k), and more.

A few days after this activation, ConSentido's Instagram account increased by +2,000 followers, and during those three days alone, we had more than +150 followers completely organic. In addition, we had a reach of +220K and an account engagement of +726. From that day until today, +98,600 accounts have been reached.

As for Google searches, that week alone, there were +35,000 searches and more than 122 people making an address request, while +45,000 people saw the photos on Google. It was time to think: “How can we impressively reveal the menu and generate awareness?” That’s when we decided to exclusively develop a Social Media campaign called “After Sunset Experience” for the launch.

The campaign we launched through social media and the exposure we got from the influencers during the opening experience was a complete success. In just two weeks, we were named by OpenTable as the number one new restaurant in the area, one of the most significant achievements of the business so far.


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