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11Ktchn is a hospitality group that brings together over ten years of experience in the restaurant area. It has four restaurants in Miami: Korner 67, Salsa Fiesta, Blind Tiger, and Reunion. Soon to open a 5th restaurant with a completely new concept.

11ktchn came to us with a challenge to position the four restaurants in the market, raise brand awareness and increase their sales. Each of them has different concepts and customers, so we started detecting the needs of each one to create a successful strategy that would boost their sales individually and as a hospitality group.

In only three months of a 360 campaign, we increased the impressions, clicks, budget, and interactions of the four accounts, achieving impressive results as a conglomerate within each of their target audiences. In fact, impressions reached 375K; reservations were boosted by 48% and 8K was obtained only in clicks.

To achieve this result, it was crucial to set their goals for each campaign, carefully segment, and choose the right platforms to bring the most out of the investment.

Additionally, Reunion obtained 137K Google average searches per month, and more than 261K people searched for their images, which is more than 100% above the Google average. Regarding Korner, it obtained 58K searches on Google and 248K photo views on average per month.

With a consistent strategy adopted throughout one year in all 4 of the restaurants, we managed to increase the revenue of 11Ktchn by over 3 million.

Social media is rapidly evolving, and every business can benefit significantly from investing in account management, content creation, and paid social media advertising, which has proven to be one of the most valuable assets for a customer's conversions and our results so far with this client.


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