Instagram has been evolving to have a fresh look every year that invites people to try the platform while giving current users something new to look at. Some of these changes may or may not be good, but the truth is that despite the recent updates, Instagram is still being a powerful platform for marketing purposes. We can be talking for hours about the new futures that the app has added, but instead, let’s look at the so-talked “Reels” before the Instagram platform goes down again.

With this new tool, users get the opportunity of creating a short video of fewer than 60 seconds and upload it to the platform so other users can interact with it. I know I know, it sounds very familiar, and that is because Instagram is trying to compete with TikTok with its dynamic videos. Putting aside the question of where they got the idea of introducing short videos to the platform, with their fresh look and potential results, Reels quickly became a new tool for most business marketing strategies.

To help you a little bit more with your strategies, we decided to tell you five reasons why should take advantage of using reels to increase engagement on your social media account:

1-Draw attention to your account. Instagram is trying to promote its new toy and that is why Reels are its number one priority. Post an eye-catching video and the algorithm will give you a recompense.

2-Spread Awareness. Reels are a fun way to communicate the information that you want to portray on your account. Say bye to boring posts and find a cool transition to jump into Reels.

3- Your brand will get a face. If you post a video with some familiar faces from the company, people will feel some type of connection with that humanization and will be more likely to be interested in your brand.

4-Boost the engagement. Create a video that invites people to comment, share, and most importantly, save it for later. Entertainingly share quality information so everyone falls in love with your content.

5-Save time. Creating a short video from the comfort of your office is way easier than having to walk the whole city looking for a cute spot to take the best picture for your feed.

As you see marketing is in love with this new trend that Instagram has given us. The way how Reels work is easy and the only thing that you have to do is put the creativity to its maximum level and see how more people will be interested in your account. Remember Instagram needs your videos and will do its best to showcase them, however, you have to create innovative and quality Reels that tell users the sense of your brand and invite them to consume your content or products.

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