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Have you ever thought about the importance of social media presence for your business? For the last five years many brands have realized that the potencial social media platforms have marketing wise.

Accounting the reachability that Facebook and Instagram have developed over the years, Tiktok has incredibly matched their numbers in less than two years. Over the course of 2020 it has reached over 315 millions of downloads, and with 800 millions of active users it allows people to understand the reachability of their content.

Introducing Tiktok as part of your marketing plan will allow the connection between seller to market to increase. The point is to be where your audience is, before starting your strategy understand who you are trying to reach as a brand and what is the message you are providing with the content. This tool can be used for selling or even creating conscience through short videos that can vary from 15 seconds to 3 minutes.

The difference between Tiktok and other social media platforms is to be able to grow your brand faster and to be able to reach your targeted audience is the algorithm. You might be asking yourself how this algorithm works, it is merely based on what posts your audience interacts with, depending in the hashtags, sounds, or images attached to your content.

Some ways to boost your interactions and be able to show up to those who are interested on your content is by keeping up with the trend sets, the good thing about this media being targeted to audiences between the ages of fourteen to forty-four year olds is that everyone is able to keep up with trends and for your business, to create brand awareness is in many ways simpler.

Creating organic content is also the key to success within any social media, but what will help you create a bigger engagement within your page is to create a hook to any video. The Hook is what we call the first three seconds in which any video will assure the attention of any viewer or knock it off.

Now that you have more of an insight of the benefits Tiktok can provide for your business, let us know what trends you like seeing on Tiktok, how has the algorithm arranged your “For You Page”, or what kind of content have you discovered due to this.

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