We are back at analyzing the marketing world and since Facebook finally decided to make our lives easier, let’s look at what they are doing with their branding. This post will help you understand what is currently happening and why some of the biggest brands keep changing their strategies. So, share an Instagram story and tell your followers to be ready for when you become a marketing guru, which will be only in three minutes, or whatever it takes you to read this blog.

First thing first, you must understand what umbrella branding is. It refers to when a company decides to create sub-companies, that are related to their brand and advertise them under the name of the parent company, so people easily identify that they are part of the same family. Think about it as an actual umbrella that the parent company is holding while all the sub-companies can stay under it from a marketing perspective. Companies do this because it helps them unify the content, messages, and values as everything under the umbrella falls under the same branding. It also creates loyal customers because consumers love to see a company that can bring them a lot of services, and if they like one product, they will try the other ones related to it.

Look at this example so you can understand it better. Surely you have heard about Procter & Gamble before, and they are one of the biggest umbrella brands that currently exist. As you know, this company is the parent, and under its umbrella, you can find many other ones such as Pampers, Downy, Bounty, Always, Pantene, Crest, Gillette, and much more. How do you know they all are part of the same family, well you can look at any package of the brands just mentioned, and you will find the name of the parent company on them. Most importantly, they share marketing strategies and are all under the same branding, so people know they are related.

Now, what happens when it is hard to identify the parent company? Brands must look for a way to let their customers know about their relationship with other products and brands. That is the part where Facebook comes in. You may not know this but, Facebook, as a company, is in charge of many other brands. Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are the most popular ones. See, we have two identities here, Facebook parent and Facebook app. We have been explaining to customers this complex family tree for a while now. But people do not seem to understand that the umbrella company was Facebook but that at the same time, that was the name of the app.

It is very understandable why Facebook, now Meta, decided to change its name. But don’t worry, we all suffer from identity issues at least once. Google did the same in 2015 when it changed the name of its umbrella company to Alphabet. The good thing is that Facebook recognized the confusion and decided to change their name to Meta, so users will finally understand that Meta is the boss, and Facebook is just an employee more.

Remember, the digital world is constantly evolving, and companies must do everything to keep being the talk of the town. So, be always informed of the new trends and revolutionize the industry with your fresh ideas.

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