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Special Campaign “Our Legacy; Mother’s Day Special”

SETA is an international, sophisticated, timeless, and edgy fashion brand. All its pieces are a statement and a synonym of confidence in every woman who decides to wear them. Either is for a special occasion or during the day to day life, the woman who dresses in SETA is part of its army, part of this movement of a self-dependent woman who is ready to stop traffic and conquer the world. SETA offers ready-to-wear collections that will never go out of style; its classy pieces can transgress generations.

Despite the great brand that SETA apparel is, this brand positioned itself with an aspirational tone and message. Aspirational brands are the ones who expose themselves as a wish to own, but sometimes, for economic reasons or luxury perception, they are hard to be attained for everyone.

These types of approaches are great for positioning in the fashion industry, but they may cause a disconnection with their followers. The challenge was to get a connection with SETA's followers, taking into consideration the cost of the clothes. Especially because nowadays, women are more likely to spend more money on brands that convey emotions, they have inclined their purchase behavior based on emotions and feelings that the brand arises in them.

SETA's strategy for the mother's day campaign was to expose the real legacy behind the brand. Andrea and Elianna, SETA's owners, together with their mom Maria Eugenia, shared a video with the memories and anecdotes that their grandmother Mr. Ligia Zapata taught them. Mr. Zapata was the root of the brand; she had the initiative to work on stylish and unique pieces back in her time. Mr. Zapata was the inspiration to her granddaughters to begin and establish SETA. The mother's day video shared all those stories and made attribution of the SETA's three generation-grandmother, mother, and daughters fashionistas and businesswoman. All those memories have living involvement in each of the SETA's pieces.

SETA's mother's day campaign was a total success; SETA started to be an inspirational brand rather than an aspirational one and it was highly reflected on the social media engagement, with an increment of 15% in likes, comments, and shares. The brand was humanized and seemed a more approachable brand to achieve.

This campaign proves the importance of emotions and how the brand's personality can change everything depending on the purchasing behavior.

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