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SETA Apparel - Fashion Industry

SETA is a Fashion Brand that was born in Medellin, Colombia in 2014. All its pieces are a statement and a synonym of confidence in every woman who decides to wear it. SETA is more than a fashion brand; SETA the meaning of being part of an army or movement of self-dependent women that are ready to stop traffic and conquer the world.

The main challenge for SETA was to change the brand's recognition from a local to an international perspective. As a high-end brand, society expected more upscale communication. The strategy was to re-brand it as a sophisticated, timeless, and edgy fashion brand with an international perspective. The strategy focused on conveying the real SETA's DNA with its values, concepts, and solid manifesto.

The rebranding strategy made by Trendy was the pillar to create the recognition and showcase SETA in Paris Fashion Week in February 2020 with their Fall-Winter collection; the collection was named "ECLAIR."

During the Paris Fashion Week, the brand and marketing guidelines were exhibited and accomplished. Moreover, the launch of SETA's 2020 Fall-Winter collection at Paris Fashion Week raised the brand in terms of perception, increasing sales by 20%, and social media engagement by 45% in a 30 days period.

Nowadays, SETA is considered one of the top Latin American brands with a high-end global perception.

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