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Olam Med-Spa provides exclusively designed and customized skin care treatments for any particular skin type. Every treatment offered at Olam Med Spa is personalized to your skin’s requirements. “We take your problems, solutions, and needs into account and then build a treatment plan designed to heal and renew your skin to its youthful and glowing version.”

When OLAM Med-Spa first came to Trendy Experience, it was a brand that, although it already had some followers on social media, sought to achieve brand awareness organically and increase engagement through a marketing plan that had a real impact on its target audience.

We knew we needed the right Brand Awareness strategy for OLAM to be correctly associated by potential customers with the different services they provide, so we developed a Marketing Plan involving an Influencer Campaign to achieve it.

In October 2021, the account had 7K followers, and as of now, we currently have over 14K of organic followers that belong to the target audience we set as our objective. Regarding our Social Media content, we successfully went from 200-300 views to over 800-2,200 views. Regarding engaged accounts, we went from 146 to 4,684, and we saw an increase in impressions from 215 to above 1300-2418.

While Trendy oversaw the generation of social media content to continue increasing the reach and credibility of OLAM to attract potential customers, we partnered up with Zamora Group, which was in charge of creating recognition from different well-known personalities through an influencer campaign that would position the company in Miami.

The strategy accomplished what was expected, not only achieving our first objectives to generate awareness and increase the engagement but successfully achieving recognition of OLAM Med-Spa as the Best Med-Spa in Pembroke Pines.

Not only that, Forbes Colombia highlighted its founders, Gaby and Andrea, as two successful entrepreneurs in the USA. In addition, OLAM was part of the cover of BGLOBAL Magazine as part of proud Latina entrepreneurs.

In 2021]2, OLAM has had more than seventeen television interviews on major networks. Moreover, Diario las Americas made a report defining its creators as entrepreneurs who educate and connect women, showing OLAM as an example of success.

If you don't want to miss everything that's coming for Olam Med Spa, follow us at @olammedspa or check out the website


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