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In recent years, websites have become essential for every business or brand. Developing a catchy, informative, easy-to-navigate, and well-executed website is necessary, primarily for brand recognition purposes but also for its practicality when purchasing products or making reservations; it's also the best way to find the true essence of the brand, its core values, general information about their products and services, and much more—all essential information for the consumers when deciding whether to choose your brand or not.

Beat Training is a Cycling Center based in Orlando, FL, that unites the power of music with physical exercise, primary cycling. With a great team of professionals, the classes are filled with energy, empowerment, excitement, and sweat, connecting with your heartbeat through music.

The Beat team wanted to focus all their energy on their training, so they left the marketing part to us. We started working together in the early stages of the project, doing a digital marketing launching campaign, social media plan, 360 strategies, content creation, and their primary request, website development.

They wanted a website that truly represented their vibrant essence and bright personalities, a practical website that was responsive and easy for all their members to use. Still, its primary function was to allow its members to schedule classes and prospective clients to find all the information about their plans, team, and much more with the right customer journey and Call to Action.

Along with many marketing efforts and the outstanding website we developed for them, in a spare time of 9 months, the business achieved the following milestones in its digital aspect:

+6,200 Web Link clicks

+2,100 Email Marketing clicks

+5,350,000 Google Ads impressions

+8,400 New followers on Social Media

It was essential to highlight that our marketing efforts were focused on generating traffic to the website since our "Call to Action" aggressively led our audience to visit the website and, consequently, create conversions.

Moreover, our SEO strategy implemented on the website allowed us to establish a Google Ads campaign to maximize exposure and brand awareness, focused on our ideal target audience.

The successful collaboration between Trendy Experience and Beat Training resulted in creating a highly effective website that enhanced online visibility, engaged users, and drove conversions. By focusing on user-centric design, SEO optimization, and a deep understanding of the client's goals, we created a powerful digital asset that continues to benefit the business' growth and success.


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