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Every market has a niche, and Car Shops are a tricky one. The automotive industry is one of the biggest markets in the US, making it quite difficult because of the number of brands creating a very competitive industry. But at the same time, it is one of the most high-demand markets because transportation has become a necessity for the majority and a luxury for many.

Now the question was, how to enter this competitive market promoting a new way to ride? Meet EV Garage.

EV Garage is Miami's first independent Electric Vehicle service center, focusing on providing outstanding services like Tesla maintenance, conversations, and customizations with personalized attention, professional advisement, and detail-oriented repairs. They are the first Certified Commercial Fleet Dealer with extensive knowledge and experience, committed to helping your electric car run smoothly and efficiently. They have convenient and modern service centers designed to offer personalized and integrated solutions and the best alternatives to meet the immediate needs of their customers.

This is the first Garage of this type in Miami, Florida, where they specialize in converting traditionally gas-fueled vehicles into electric ones, the future of sustainable and rentable transportation. On the other hand, if you only need regular inspections of your electric or ordinary gas-fueled cars, it is also provided at EV Garage.

They came to Trendy Experience looking to gain exposure and brand recognition. Obviously, our first thing in mind was to create a successful Ads strategy campaign to accomplish broad results.

At Trendy Experience, our professional team established different campaigns showing organic and professional content about their services, products, spaces, and different reviews from their customers. By strategizing them together using geolocation, successful campaigns were built and published through Meta and Google.

Over nine months, we reached over 1,230,000 users, more than 45,000 Facebook Ad clicks, almost 5 million impressions and over 57,000 Google Ad clicks. These numbers were MIND BLOWING, and we couldn’t be prouder of the work done by the trendiest team members.

It is important to understand that for an Ad Campaign to be successful, it takes an economic investment behind it; the more significant amount of money invested, the higher the conversion will be since you could get more users and reach more places, as well as recovering a more considerable amount of the investment in return. Ads are essential for a business's and an account's growth. We highly recommend considering them for your own company, no matter the type, if you want to gain exposure and, of course, more sales leads.


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