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Revista Imagen Miami represents a remarkable publication for the Hispanic Community in the U.S. and Latin America. With exquisite design and impeccable editorial graphics, Imagen Miami has conquered Hispanic community members who have left behind old stereotypes and embraced today’s society: those who are actively embracing their personal and professional growth.

This bi-monthly publication uses paperback copies and digital presence to reach 150,000 readers, with a circulation of 21,000 copies.

In this opportunity, we were in charge of the launching campaign of the 22nd cover of the printed edition of the magazine with Justin Quiles, a Puerto Rican artist of the urban genre who has become one of the most prominent exponents of Puerto Rican music.

After exhaustive research of the target customers and the artist profile, we developed the Digital Marketing Strategy, starting with the content concept and a video/image-driven campaign that was carried out in the magazine. For this campaign, we focused on a solid teaser that involved the mystery behind our new celebrity cover, offering a glimpse and hints at his career and personality. This way, users were excited about the latest cover when the release day came. As a fact, the release post got 40% more engagement than the average publications on @imagenmiami.

Teaser marketing campaigns can be highly successful. Why? Because human curiosity is a powerful force known as a pre-launch campaign, a teaser campaign offers clues that leave consumers eager to learn more. It’s equivalent to a “coming soon” page on a website.

The entire cover campaign lasted a total of 12 days that also included the creation of post-launch exclusive content where we had the opportunity to have exclusive interviews and recorded conversations with J Quiles, obtaining a reach of over 1,500,000 people in the Hispanic Market around the US.


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