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Trendy Social Marketing - Leading educational events in 2021

In Trendy Social Marketing we are a full-service digital marketing, brand development, and social media marketing agency based in Miami, with an international projection. Our passion is to give the best experiences to each of our brands, from educational to experiential. Trendy is looking to grow all the brands through different communications and marketing efforts. Most importantly, in Trendy, we want to find your brand's purpose, how it will affect you, your community, and your customers in a positive way.

More than an agency, Trendy offers experiences, including educational ones. After the pandemic, Trendy had the challenge to keep educating and helping every professional who wanted to scale their business to another level. People wanted to learn and keep growing despite the difficult economic times. That's why Trendy organized a digital educational event called "Trendy Weekend," to teach and inspire people who wanted to understand the entrepreneurial new world coming for 2021.

Trendy Weekend was a two-days digital event with more than ten experts as speakers in different industries that included Marketing, Branding, Sales, Finances, Entrepreneurship, Content Creation, Productivity, Strategies, and Business Development. The event had 15 workshops to teach people to upscale their personal and professional lives. Some of the recognized experts were Andreina Espino, Gabriel Coronel, Angela Blones, Julio Cañas, Ana Vivas, Valentina Tamayo, Maria Milagros Torres, Corina Briceño, Annia Zabala, Katheryne Kachutt, Andrea Salazar, among others.

The digital event was a total success; Trendy sold over four hundred (400) tickets within 60% in The United States, 30% in Latin America, and 10% in Europe. All the attendees were excited about the results of the great enlightenment.

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