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DORAL CHIC - How to create an impact on the wellness industry

DORAL CHIC is a Medical Spa that has been in the market for three years; this business is located in Doral, one of the neighborhoods with the most Hispanic population in Florida. The company's objective is to promote Hispanic’s global wellness; meaning the health, physical, and emotional balance through its services. DORAL CHIC positioned its services on the humanizing side to keep Its brand perception trusty and fresh.

The beauty category is overfilled in Miami with thousands of other medical spas offering similar services, fighting for the same niche. However, as an advantage, among all of the ethnicities, Hispanics are the group of people that upkeep the physical wellness in their life. “Latinas are a lucrative consumer group for the beauty and health industry,” said Eva Gonzalez, Executive Director of Diverse Consumer Insights. This target market is lucrative but challenging to gain in a category with so many business options around. Hispanic women are looking for trusty practices and family-oriented businesses that incentivize conversation and educational background on the field.

The Hispanic market loves the back of the story, it is a market that goes ahead of services, their type of culture is open to engage and set opinions. This is why in the digital strategy developed by Trendy after the Market Study that was conducted, we positioned the owner, Veronica, as the protagonist of the brand -

becoming the main ambassador and spokesperson for DORAL CHIC. She educates and builds trust by posting the treatments and engaging followers through storytelling.

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