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Do you want to know the key to a successful business plan? Have a “Marketing Plan” 

A marketing plan is an organizational and operational tool that will help you plan and determine how to properly advertise your business and create strategies and action plans to target your specific market audience successfully. Establishing a SWOT analysis and analyzing your product will determine the proper activations to reach your goals. 

Developing a marketing plan is one of the main steps in creating a company. Through it, you can learn strategic direction, market understanding, resource allocation, and competitive advantage, establish measurable goals, mitigate risk, identify your competition, and envision your long-term growth.

In this opportunity, we worked with TQMUCH, a Venezuelan business brand established in 2010. Started as a small business in Venezuela and quickly expanded to the US market in 2016. A brand in the food industry dedicated to bringing its gastronomic roots and flavors to every corner of the United States by providing different Latin products (from frozen to ready-to-eat options) fantastically and deliciously. 

They came to us to expand their target market and increase their brand awareness to help them grow. As a first step, we established a 360 Marketing Plan to create the proper strategies for their success and expansion. The name of the campaign was “Sharing Traditions,” which focused on how, through sharing cultures, barriers can be broken, creating new relationships and bonds, generating moments of joy, friendships, and beautiful memories that can become unforgettable experiences surrounded by loved ones and, of course, food.

It was a perfect fit because that’s precisely what the client wanted: to make people bond, build connections, and spread kindness through the power of taste and Latin flavors. 

After that, we started working on their Social Media by establishing the proper communication, visual guidelines, and content strategy and setting up the right activations. Among the in-person activations, we found the ideal one for them, a tasting of their products in the most recognized wholesales of the city but with a unique and very particular element, a huge-sized tequeño called Beto. This helped us with brand recognition and to attract the attention of an audience that did not know us in a very fun way, in a way we will be remembered.

After our consistent work during the quarter, the Instagram account grew by +400 new followers, 2,410 website visits from this Social Media account, 15,277 profile activity, reached over 112,000 accounts, and made it to over 321,000 accounts through paid Ads. These statistics were a HUGE accomplishment in this short amount of time.

Combining an excellent brand, unique products, and the correct marketing strategy gives us the results we were all expecting. 

Thanks to the well-structured marketing plan and the correct timelines, this business is concerned about the US market and keeps growing by the minute.  We are happy to say we contributed to TQMUCH’s long-term growth and profitability.


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