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Alurx is an all-in-one brand from Los Angeles, CA, dedicated to your overall wellness journey. Their differentiating element is that they use the countless benefits of CBD in most of its products to help improve and stabilize health and immunity, anxiety, lack of sleep, pain relief, and many more incredible benefits.

They first approached Trendy Experience, seeking to increase brand awareness, engagement, and sales through social media channels, a challenging aspect since the brand’s main ingredient in the majority of their products was CBD, an active ingredient in cannabis that is derived from the hemp plant, so it was crucial to advertise the products properly and educate the consumer accurately to receive a positive outcome. At that moment, the brand had a limited social media presence and wanted to expand its reach to a broader audience, including a younger demographic.


Developed a marketing and social media plan focusing on their primary objectives by creating different marketing strategies and activations to help the brand achieve its goals, such as generating exposure, elevating brand awareness, increasing engagement, and ultimately improving sales. The specific objectives included:

  • Increment the brand's social media followers and reach

  • Create user-generated content (UGC) to showcase the brand's products and services

  • Increase website traffic and online sales

  • Overall marketing strategy

  • Create an influencer marketing campaigning to attract a broader audience

We developed all strategies focused on building a solid and well-known brand and identity by creating compelling content and storytelling to showcase the brand's products and services. The strategy included the following tactics:

Platform Selection

We recommended focusing first on Meta apps, Instagram, and Facebook, given their large user bases and popularity among its target demographic. Also, as a second stage, we added TikTok since its popularity is more driven by a younger demographic, which we also wanted to achieve.

Content Creation

We created concrete content pillars and developed a content strategy to create visually appealing content showcasing the brand's products and services and showing the positive essence of a healthy lifestyle. We recommended using high-quality images and videos to create a cohesive and attractive social media feed, including organic and professional content. We also implemented influencer marketing campaigns and UGC content to elevate the brand's credibility and increase engagement and reach.

Influencer Marketing

We recommended the brand partner with influencers to promote the use of Alurx products to increase brand awareness. We advised the brand to collaborate with influencers who align with the brand's values and target demographic, focusing on micro-influencers with fewer followers but a more engaged audience.

Paid Advertising

We created a Paid Ads campaign to increase its reach and conversion, driving traffic to the website. We implemented a combination of Meta and Google Ads, targeting audiences based on their demographics, interests, and behaviors.

Execution and Results

We executed the strategy, and for the first six months, we had the following outcomes:

Instagram followers increased by 42%

Facebook followers increased by 28%

TikTok followers increased by 56%

The average engagement rate increased by 32%

UGC increased by 47%

Website traffic increased by 21%

Online sales increased by 17%

The real question is how we successfully achieve all of these, considering Alurx has CBD in its products and does not get flagged on social media. Although cannabis is now legal in 19 states of the USA, it’s still illegal at a federal level. As a result, from an advertising perspective, it’s treated pretty much the same as guns, tobacco, or gambling — rigorous restrictions or outright bans apply.

Facebook and Instagram allow the advertising of CBD topically, not by ingestion, or when the information diffused is informative and educative. The algorithm will ban and block ads that link to pages promoting the sale of ingestible CBD products. The most successful brands will either focus on the lifestyle and well-being aspects of CBD rather than its sales or will work with influencers to create educational content that evades the ban.

Our digital marketing campaign helped this wellness brand achieve its objectives of increasing brand awareness, engagement, and sales through social media. By focusing on high-quality content, influencer marketing, and paid advertising, we significantly increased the brand's social media following, engagement, UGC, website traffic, and online sales. Therefore, the correct communication for these types of brands is always essential and has to be done correctly to avoid significant problems with ads or locks on social media platforms.

We continue to monitor and optimize the social media marketing strategy to ensure ongoing success on the Alurx account.

If you have any questions or your company is linked with substances used in the medical field and looking to promote human health and wellness, we will be more than happy to help you strategize the right path to achieve a successful outcome, improve revenues, and position your brand in the market. Let's keep making it Trendy!


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