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KIRA - Wellness industry

Juicy Secrets “Ebook”

"An inspirational leader is a victory in the digital marketing world."

Chiquinquira Delgado is a worldwide Venezuelan host, model, and actress in the Hispanic market of the entertainment industry. In her personal life, Chiqui's lifestyle is oriented towards wellness, that's why she decided to start Kira - a platform that is dedicated to motivate and educate others about wellness, beauty, and nutrition. One of the initiatives that we developed through Kira was the creation of an Ebook called "Juicy Secrets." This Ebook included more than 50 recipes of different kinds of nutritional juices with numerous benefits.

Since Chiquinquira is a recognized entertainment person, her followers appreciated her as an aspirational woman instead of an inspiration. The challenge with Kira's Ebook initiative was to connect deeper with her followers.

The Hispanic Market loves to get information from famous personalities. If the famous person connects with the audience, the inspirational leader status is achieved correctly.

The strategy we developed was created with the objective of providing the followers a closer look at Chiqui's lifestyle by giving them her "secret recipes" and encouraging everyone to live a healthier lifestyle with a very accessible tool - juices.

This Ebook delivered the right juice ingredients and benefits with Chiqui as the main character. The concept of the ebook was descriptive, dynamic, and illustrative.

"Juicy Secrets" was sold on the Kira Life website, where you could pay and receive your ebook by email from anywhere in the world. The connection with Kira's followers was a total success! The Ebook was downloaded more than twenty-five thousand (25,000) times in a two-month period.

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