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Every beauty brand aspires to achieve global recognition, positively impact consumers, and become a trend. Several well-known franchises and local personal care retailers sell your favorite and newest brands worldwide. All of them are looking to gain a top position in the beauty industry and bring something unique to the table by offering different solutions.

This is the case of KUMIKO SKINCARE, a Chilean brand owned by Cata Aguirre, one of the 100 most powerful women in this South American country, in 2022. KUMIKO was founded in 2019 and is known for its avant-garde cleansing, hydrating, and nourishing formulas with specific treatments and needs for every skin biotype; its principal ingredient, Matcha, makes this brand the first dermo-cosmetic beauty line to have this ingredient as their main one in the industry. In 2020, the pop icon Ricky Martin fell in love with the products and became a Brand Partner. By 2022, the brand had the opportunity to exhibit and sell its products in Sephora, Mexico. Sephora is a French multinational personal care and beauty product retailer with nearly 340 brands and operates in over 2,700 stores in 35 countries worldwide.

This has been one of the most significant opportunities that KUMIKO has encountered. They needed a 360 marketing strategy campaign just for the launch of the brand in the majority of Sephora’s stores in Mexico. The campaign was called “KUMIKO TAKES SEPHORA,” the message was about understanding that aging is something humans can't avoid. Still, KUMIKO is always there to make you feel the beauty from within. This was created as a pre, during, and after-launch campaign, uniting the efforts of both KUMIKO and Sephora to catch the consumers' attention.

As pre-launching, we organized an intriguing content strategy campaign to announce that something was coming. We created content with different shots of Mexico’s City streets, famous monuments, places, and KUMIKO’s products, so the Mexican citizens knew the brand would be introduced in the country. During the launch, we invited some well-known influencers in the Mexican community to reach different buying personas by having a lunch event to introduce the brand to various magazines and public figures such as Beauty Junkies (@beautyjunkies), Luis Torres (@ltorresbeauty), Rita y Punto (@ritaypunto), Pau Florencia (@theurbanbeauty), L´BEAUTÉ (@lbeautemx), Sofía Lascurain (@sofialascurain), Nicole da Costa (@thebeautyflush), and much more.

Post-launching, we established different activations with Sephora through visuals and designs on both websites and social media to let people know about our presence. A few days after, a micro event was also planned at Sephora’s spaces with a Master Class along with Catalina Aguirre as a spokesperson with Rita y Punto as a stage of Brand Awareness, and an Ads Strategy was also planned to push and introduce the line to the Mexican market through Facebook, Google, and Instagram.

During this campaign, KUMIKO gained more than 24K followers and more than 18K link clicks directed to the website through their Instagram page. Almost 87K profile visits and 1.3M impressions of the page and posted content, reaching over 703K accounts.

Kumiko started as an e-commerce brand and has rapidly grown by entering various retailers since they started working with us, Trendy Experience. We can now say that they are officially in more than four countries, and thanks to this campaign, they have expanded and gained brand recognition in different parts of the world. It's fair to say that this campaign was a total SUCCESS, breaking everyone’s expectations at the agency, and sales increased at all the retailers where KUMIKO’S products are available. When things are planned strategically, the results will always be positive.

What are you waiting for to make your brand as Trendy as possible? The power of social media and beauty brands is just one click away!


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