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Easy Mensies is a brand that provides Hemp transdermal products made with naturally sourced ingredients, created to relieve menstrual pain for up to 48 hours. 1 in 10 women worldwide has endometriosis or any hormonal illness, and Easy Mensies is designed to let them know they are not alone.

When Ana Maria, the brand's owner, came to Trendy, she had this fantastic idea of making Easy Mensies a Movement to support other women to manage their pain more naturally and holistically while helping them live their best lives. She also sought to inspire others like herself to fight chronic illnesses.

We welcomed Easy Mensies precisely a year ago, in October 2021, with only 200 followers on social media and no audience engagement. The brand did not have any structured Marketing Strategy, defined branding, or a website with an optimized customer journey.

We knew that we needed to create an impact focused on the objectives we set for the brand. We believe in the message and the concept, so working hand in hand with the knowledge of Trendy Beauty's board of consultants, we created a 360 marketing strategy that mixes brand awareness and conversion.

One of the principles behind a successful 360 strategy is to ensure consistency across the campaign, and we confirmed that it resulted in a wholly structured brand. In this case, we incorporated TikTok, email marketing, website development, content for all social media channels, and ad support.

We went from 200 to 2,429 completely organic followers.

What did we do to achieve this?

We started by developing a set of brand pillars to ensure we communicated what we needed to attract our carefully selected target audience. We highlighted Easy Mensies' support to all women to feel comfortable in their skin. We created awareness of tabú situations regarding periods in a fun, friendly way through different sections, such as Mensies Breaking News and Oh My Period, combined with other trends across our channels.

We developed a completely new website with a structured customer journey focusing on making the shopping experience fast and more accessible, which resulted in more website visits. During Q3, we achieved 5000+ unique visitors, overcoming our objective of 5% to 565%

We implemented an Influencer marketing strategy that considerably increased reach, engagement, and followers. Insights show approximately 165,024 views, 12,092 likes, 30 comments, 206 sent, and 724 saved in one of our brand ambassadors' profiles.

By the end of Q3, Easy Mensies increased its followers from 543 in June to 1816 in September.

We overcame our primary objective of 700 followers by 111.6%.

Keep posted to see how we make it Trendy with unique projects coming up next in Easy Mensies.


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