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KUMIKO Skincare is a dermo-cosmetic and anti-aging beauty brand creating an impact in the industry by using Matcha as the main ingredient and combining mesotherapy, encapsulation technology, and 100% Japanese matcha tea extract in their formulations.

Catalina Aguirre, a well-known cosmetologist and businesswoman from Chile, created the brand in 2017. She was recognized among the 100 most powerful women in 2022 in her country due to her unique formulations and impact on the beauty industry in Latin America.

After several years of positioning the brand in the market, another dream became a reality; Ricky Martin fell in love with this beauty line and the results it brought to his skin. He was so impressed with the formulation that he became a Brand Partner.

When KUMIKO reached Trendy Experience, they mentioned their desire to grow and improve their communications, designs, and strategies related to digital marketing. Since then, we have worked on a 360 digital campaign, gaining more than 54K+ followers on Instagram, reaching over 1.5 Million users, and getting more than 4 Million impressions in just one year. The content has gone viral several times thanks to the work and focus on organic and professional content, achieving over 1M reproductions only on Instagram in 2022, becoming a record among our clients' list on Trendy Experience history. In August of the same year, the company ran out of stock due to the unexpected increase in sales credited to the Ads strategy, content strategy, proper communications, and alignment of everything linked to the brand.

With the help of our beauty consultants, specialist, and professional team members, we aligned the strategies along all their social media platforms, including Facebook, TikTok, and Youtube. In addition, we created relevant improvements to their email marketing communication strategy, upgraded their website, and established an influencer marketing campaign. Along with organic and professional content, we boosted brand awareness and interactions, leading to a drastic sales rise of over 300% in twelve months.

Furthermore, thanks to the coordination and proper adjustments to the brand, KUMIKO got the opportunity to have its products included in the retail space of SEPHORA MEXICO. A considerable business leap for the brand led to significant increases in the Latin American market with a fantastic outcome.

If you want to follow up with the jaw-dropping growth of KUMIKO SKINCARE, feel the beauty from within, and have a look at this fantastic brand, visit or follow us at @kumiko.skincare


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