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At Trendy Experience, we have worked with different influencers and platforms to improve the partnerships among this community. We have achieved successful campaigns from A-list celebrities to micro-influencers

During the 2022 Holidays, we elaborated different strategies for our clients to boost their sales during the best quarter of the year. We implemented social media tactics such as UGC and created strategic content working with the kings and queens of our favorite digital platforms - let’s talk about the impact of influencer marketing for Holiday Campaigns.

Shades by Shan is a cosmetic beauty line from San Francisco that contacted Trendy Experience to increase their sales during December and created UGC content aimed at the correct performance of this campaign. They launched a special holiday collection with different products to enhance beauty during the festivities, looking to make all their clients feel beautiful during this season.

They needed an influencer marketing strategy directed to TikTok in which their products were showcased on JCPenney. The best profiles that participated in the influencer campaign fit the image of Shades by Shan for the Hispanic audience in Florida. The selected influencers were Jessica Rodríguez (@jessivaleri), María Claudia Gonzáles (@itsmemariasee), and Paola Castellano (@paopati). Although the strategy was meant to be executed on TikTok, @jessivaleri, and @itsmemariasee posted their content on Instagram.

The results were an overall of 100K+ views and 5K+ interactions between Instagram and TikTok. This lead to, once again, confirming the fact that working with adequate influencers whose profiles fit the brands that they are going to work with and whose content is aimed at the rightful target audience, campaigns are always going to work through, improving the brands reach, sales, and the awareness of the company itself. Influencers are an asset that is always appropriate to work and invest in. They are a tool that if a company is in the capacity economically to finance, we recommend always agreeing with them.

Also, there are different ways to come to terms with this type of business; some of them accept a simple exchange (products for content), and there's no need to pay high amounts of money to achieve the company's goal through social media.

Regardless, allowing your brand to be part of a strategy like this at any time of the year will always be like a boomerang effect. It is an inversion that always will return in revenues if strategized correctly.

If you want your case studied and appropriately planned, we will make your brand become the Trendiest Experience you have always wanted.

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